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About Aptimyz


For years, retailers have been using expensive, ageing and disjointed solutions to run their businesses. In recent times this is more apparent as retailers try to connect their online store to their bricks & mortar store and encounter great difficulty and costs.

Aptimyz provides a centrally controlled cloud POS and business management solution, and now with seamless integration into both WooCommerce and Shopify websites retailers finally have access to a solution which creates significant operational efficiencies, plus saving time and money.

Developed to meet merchants' needs

Aptimyz development has been driven through customer usage and feedback. From day one we have listened to retailers input, and this is not going to change.

“The thing that does the thing!”

At Aptimyz, we don’t get excited about our features. What really excites us is how those new or revised features deliver an improved experience for you and your customers.

In partnership with Clover

We’ve partnered with the leading cloud POS system. With no upfront costs & the trust of hundreds of thousands of retailers across the world, with beautiful aesthetics and presence, Clover consistently delivers a great in-store experience & works seamlessly with Aptimyz on both the POS and back office.

Aptimyz & Clover can scale with your business and expand as you grow with devices, apps, and accessories. We want to be part of your team and go on the journey with you to help grow your business grow and realise its full potential .

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