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About Aptimyz

For years, retailers have been calling for a smarter, more affordable back-office management system. We built Aptimyz as a response to that need, integrating the feedback we’ve received from merchants over the years.


Our team brings collective decades of experience to business management. We’ve come together from different areas —  software, sales & marketing, supply chain & logistics, and finance — to imagine and build a system that we believe completely changes the game for retail.

Developed to meet merchants' needs

We built Aptimyz and have developed it carefully using the feedback we’d been hearing from merchants over the years. From day one we have listened to retailers input, and this is not going to change. For us, we don’t get excited about our features; what excites us is what those features deliver to businesses.

In partnership with Clover

We’ve partnered with the leading cloud POS system. With no upfront costs & the trust of hundreds of thousands of retailers across the world, Clover consistently delivers a great in-store experience & works seamlessly with Aptimyz on both the POS and back office.

And just like Aptimyz, Clover scales with your business, and expands as you grow with devices, apps, and accessories. That means no growing pains — you can take Aptimyz & Clover with you, wherever you go.

A solution for everyone

We know that your operation needs are as individual as your business, which is why we’ve built Aptimyz to be as flexible as possible. Whether you’re a new or existing retailer with a single store, or multiple stores right up to enterprise level operations, Aptimyz is made to support you.

Start using Aptimyz

Join the revolution in retail management solutions. Sign up today, or have a chat with our team to find out if Aptimyz is right for you and your business.

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