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Stability for Retail in Challenging Times

Discover the complete and affordable EPOS & Back Office Management Solution

No Upfront Cost
Simple, Efficient & Flexible
Seamless eCommerce Integration
Real Time Reports
Single Site & Multistore
Intelligent Inventory Management
First Class Support as Standard
Retail Open for business

Retail business management digitized


COVID has accelerated retailers need to digitize existing paper-based business management practices instore and connect an online offering for customers, so businesses can operate effectively in the new landscape we find ourselves working in. With Aptimyz’s centrally controlled cloud business management system, this is now incredibly affordable and straightforward.

We provide all the tools and seamless integrations you need to run your business, regardless of size.

Cloud POS & Business Management System
Seamless eCommerce integration into WooCommerce & Shopify
Integrated Payments
Single or Multistore

Simple, Efficient and Flexible

Our intuitive centralised retail management system makes it easy to take control of your back office and maximise profits. With Aptimyz, your business is accessible anywhere in real-time, making it easy to manage the business functions. Whether you have a single store or multiple outlets and warehouses, Aptimyz is flexible enough to work for you.

Easy set-up & migration

We work with you to plan your transition, with the aim to minimising interruption to your workflow. Your existing data, from customer databases to inventory, are identified, formatted, and will still be there when you switch over.

Seamless eCommerce Integration

COVID-19 has accelerated the requirement for retailers to digitise their business and sell online.

The in-store experience should be matched by a great online experience for your customers. Aptimyz easily integrates with your WooCommerce or Shopify website, making it easier than ever to sell online. We make it easy to manage inventory creating huge efficiencies and savings for your business.

No Upfront Cost

Aptimyz is a cloud subscription model, doing away with the high traditional upfront costs and expensive support fees associated with POS and ERP systems.

Customer Experience

Safura, Arklow

“The cost alone sets this solution aside from the rest. I had been previously quoted thousands of euros per store upfront with high monthly support fee. There is simply no one other than Aptimyz that delivers as much, for the price. It was easy to set up our first store and when we expanded with more stores it was easy & seamless”

Ian Kelly, Owner

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