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A better way to manage your business

Aptimyz, in partnership with Clover, offer retailers of all size a total solution for all their needs. We consider ourselves market disruptors, offering an easy-to-use business management system at affordable rates.

Simple, secure & easy to use
No start-up fees or hidden costs
Connect in-store experience with online
Easy migration without data loss

A solution for everyone

We know that your operation needs are as individual as your business, which is why we’ve built Aptimyz to be as flexible as possible. Whether you’re a new or existing retailer with a single store, or multiple stores right up to enterprise level operations, Aptimyz is made to support you.

Simple, Efficient and Flexible

Our intuitive retail management system makes it easy to take control of your back office and maximise profits. With Aptimyz, your business is accessible anywhere in real time, making it easy to manage reports and inventory. Whether you have a single store or multiple outlets and warehouses, we’re there for you.

Easy set-up & migration

When you switch to Aptimyz, our goal is to future-proof your business and increase sales and profitability. For existing businesses, we work with you to plan your transition, minimising interruption to your workflow. That means all your data, from customer databases to inventory, are secure and protected, and will still be there when you switch over.

Grow your business online

Now more than ever, it’s essential that your business can reach customers directly online. Your in-store experience should be matched by a great online experience for customers. Aptimyz easily integrates with your website and other online selling channels, making it easier than ever to sell online. We make it easy to manage inventory from one source, and even streamline uploading products to your website, leading to huge time savings.

An affordable solution

We said we consider ourselves market disruptors, and we mean it. Our services come with no start-up fees, and no hidden costs. The cost of all the services included with Aptimyz are on the first quote you receive, with full transparency. We partner with you to make your workdays easier and increase profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

From back office management to ePOS systems to online integration, there’s a lot involved.

What is an ePOS system & why do I need one for my business?

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is a combination of hardware and software designed to help you run your business more effectively. Where traditional till systems record sales, EPOS systems not only record this transactional information but can then generate detailed reports in response to the input data.

Will Aptimyz work for a business of my size?

Aptimyz is flexible enough to work for businesses of any size, and we’ve scaled our pricing model to reflect the services you need. Whether you’re a single-store retail outlet or a large enterprise with multiple stores, we have a solution that will work for you.

Do I have to pay separately for the hardware?

Yes, although there are no installation or start-up fees. Clover is the #1 bank-linked POS system in Ireland, which scales with your business through a range of services.

Start using Aptimyz

Join the revolution in retail management solutions. Sign up today, or have a chat with our team to find out if Aptimyz is right for you and your business.

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