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Aptimyz in partnership with Clover, creates a total solution comprising sales, payments, purchasing and business management from small to medium and enterprise retail.


Epos with Integrated Payments


Back Office Management for all stores


Cloud Based access from anywhere

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The Aptimyz Platform

Aptimyz Clover

Aptimyz Business
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Simple. Efficient. Flexible.

  • Simple to get up and running, Aptimyz connects all aspects of your business in a meaningful and measurable way.
  • For the first time, there is a retail solution which is affoardable, and with none of the unfront costs which are associated with new EPOS systems, removing significant capital costs from your business as you look to grow.
  • Whether you are a single store or a multi store operation, Aptimyz is flexible enough to cover your needs.
  • Intuitive EPOS user experience with customisable permissions based functionality.
  • Powerful, back office management features enabling fast, informed decision making.
  • A total solution comprising sales, payments, purchasing, warehousing and business management for small, medium and enterprise retail business.

Stay in touch with what is happening no matter where you are.

You are not always in your store, so it is great when you can have instant access to what is happening right now in your business in one or many locations.

With Aptimyz we make this easy.

Whether you are on a business trip and need access to reports to see how your business and staff are performing, or you want to work on your inventory, we have it all covered.

Our intuitive and easy to use cloud-based back office allows you to stay in control of your business and make informed decisions where and when you need to.

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