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All your business management needs in one place

Aptimyz brings everything you need for efficient back-office management and order fulfilment into one easy-to-use system. It’s never been easier to process payments and manage inventory across channels, whether you’re selling in-store, through your own website or on third-party channels. Whether you’re a start-up, a single-store retailer or an enterprise organisation with multiple outlets and warehouses, Aptimyz scales with your business.

Save time, save money and save hassle with Aptimyz, in partnership with Clover.

Single & Multistore

Easily manage everything to do with your business from one online portal. Whether you have a single shop or multiple stores and warehouses, Aptimyz was built to scale with your business. It’s a solution that meets your business where it is, and grows with you.

Real-Time Reports

Get instant access to your data no matter where you are, including live updates on inventory, customers and sales. Reports are always up-to-date and secure. You can also set up limited-access accounts within Aptimyz to protect sensitive information.

Easy to Use

We’ve built our system with the retailers’ experience in mind. Aptimyz is simple to use and easy to get used to. Anything you need, from inventory to reports to customer data, is never more than two clicks away. There’s no fiddling around and no time wasted.

Easy Customer Data Retention

Switching your POS and retail management system can be a headache — but it doesn’t have to be. Our migration process is simple, quick, and secure, and maintains your database of customer and inventory information. For existing businesses, we work with you to plan your transition, minimising interruption to your workflow when you switch to Aptimyz.

Trusted POS

We’ve partnered with the leading cloud POS system. With no upfront costs & the trust of hundreds of thousands of retailers across the world, Clover consistently delivers a great in-store experience & works seamlessly with Aptimyz on both the POS and back office.

eCommerce simplified

With automatic synchronisation of the inventory levels between your online and physical stores, Aptimyz simplifies the process and saves time in managing your online store. No false ‘out of stock’ products, and no confusion over buying items that are no longer in stock.


Give access to staff and others with permission-assigned accounts. Security and permissions can be assigned to individual employee accounts, giving you complete control over who has access to sensitive information or controls.

Customer Engagement

Create a positive customer experience with our loyalty-point program & gift cards linked to customer accounts. Maintain relationships with retained data for marketing use later.

Additional Features

Aptimyz is packed full of additional features which make the day-to-day running of your business easier than ever.

Label Printing

Input information for custom labels and print in-store.


Easily manage inventory across multiple warehouses or stockrooms.

Digital Marketing

Retain customer information with GDPR-compliance for future marketing activities.

Start using Aptimyz

Join the revolution in retail management solutions. Sign up today, or have a chat with our team to find out if Aptimyz is right for you and your business.

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